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Problem Reviews 11/25/2011 – 12/13/2011

Parrot Fashion Boulder – Average rock quality low, worse up high. A bit tall. Mostly sunny. Not the best landings.
• DESCENT – Walk off the back.
• Parrot Fashion V0 – Overhanging pocket climbing to choss up high. I just downclimbed this one. Pad the stone behind you.

Norwegian Blue Boulder – Poor landings. Fairly short. Mostly shady. Good stone quality.
• DESCENT – Walk-off the back of the boulder.
• Blue V2 – I liked this problem quite a bit. Pocket climbing to a slopey top-out. Fun. Be sure to have a spotter and pad the boulders behind

Sad Parrot Boulder – Good stone quality. Descent sun exposure depending on your orientation. Fairly short. Soft landings.
• DESCENT – Walk-off around to the left.
• Flake Vb – Slightly-off balanced jug-hauling.
• Sad Parrot V3 – Hard! I basically had to mantle a vertical face. It took me a few tries to figure out how to set my feet so that I could reach
up into the higher slot. Worth attempting! You’re bound to learn something on this sucker.
• Mad Parrot V0 – A boring toss to a jug then up.
• Bad Parrot V0 – I didn’t find the ‘pull-hard’ part. Easy moves between pockets, then finish on a slab.
• Rad Parrot V7 – Sharp pockets and thin, slopey crimps. If you like traverses, it’s worth trying. I found it to be a bit tweaky.
• Bob Parrot V2 – Excellent. Flexibility required for the initial high-step off the ground! Rock up into a pocket, press it out, and finish on a

Hauck A Loogie Boulder – Tall, but with a flat landing. Good stone quality for the most part. Sits in the shade with a draft from the
ice caves. Chilly.
• DESCENT – Walk-off to the left of the boulder.
• Hauck a Loogie Sit Start V5 – Difficult sit start if you’re short. Another high-step and crank. Cool movement. Not a difficult top-out, just a
little nerve-wracking. The business is at the bottom.
• Hauck a Loogie Eliminate V7 – Another difficult sit start if you’re short. Really interesting pocket climbing. I certainly recommend this one.
The business once again comes at the bottom, just keep your head during the top-out.

Prozac Nation Boulders – Decent stone quality, some less-than-ideal landings. Might want a couple of pads. Average height. Most climbs receive sun, but Flawless is in a shaded alcove.
• DESCENT – Walk-off the back side.
• Flawless V7 – Great problem. Begins in a dihedral. Awesome, core intensive movement to a powerful throw. Rock quality up high is worse than
down low, so be careful. Pad the large boulder to the side of/behind the problem.
• Pencil Dick V5 – Beware of the hollow flakes to the left at the top. Average movement, somewhat sharp. Not highly recommended.

Pop-A-Wheelie Boulder – Good stone quality, blobby and sharp. Average height, average landings. There are a couple of protruding blocks you’ll want to pad. Sits in the sun.
• DESCENT – Walk-off the backside.
• Pop-A-Wheelie V4 – Good problem with good movement. Involves a traverse along the lip and arête of the boulder. A long throw at the end to a
hold you can’t see is a little heady. Overall enjoyable.

Parking Boulder (Mr. Frosty area) – Good stone quality with flat landings. Very short. The alcove Mr. Frosty sits in is shaded.
• DESCENT – Walk-off to the right.
• Mr. Frosty V8 – A blast of a problem. Pocket climbing, compression moves, crimps, trickery, to an insecure mantle in a scoop. A must do!
• Unnamed V7 – Long, difficult initial move leads to an awkward slab with poor feet. Technical, strange, but fun.

Slunk Boulder – Stunning boulder that gets afternoon sun. Average height with flat landings. Slick, strong stone.
• DESCENT – Unknown at the moment.
• Slunk – What a stunner! Phenomenal arête with funky movement. Better be good with your pinches and slopers!


Problem Reviews 11/17/2011 – 11/24/2011

Space Suit Boulder
• The Space Suit V3 – Awesome roof! Trickery makes it V3. Yes, it really does start alllll the way back there. Needs good pad placement. Pure fun.
Rio’s Crack Left Buttress
• Strength in Numbness Sit Start V9 – Sharp! Low, awkward start. I enjoyed the movement, however. Try this one on a thick skin day.
Rio’s Crack Wall
• Rio’s Crack V6 – Powerful climbing on an angling crack. Becoming worn and slick, but a very cool and unique problem. Shorties will have few foot hold options. Worth trying!
Molly Boulder
• Molly V5 – Another one move wonder. Pockets to a big throw to a sidepull, then up. Uninspiring.
• Molly Variation V6 – Skip this one and do its neighbor, the left start.
• Molly Variation Left Start – Pockets, pockets to sharp crimps to a huge move. Loved the beginning of this one. Neat, thought-provoking movement. Enjoyable.
• Chewed Out V4 – We didn’t enjoy this one much. Big throw at the start to boring climbing.
Central Joyless
• Spacehopper V0 – Easy warm-up with a nice landing. Somewhat sharp.
• Bouncing Babies V0 – Confusing start. Sharp holds.
• Sleeping Gas V2 – Cool. Start in a shallow scoop then turn the arête. Figure out what feet you need to continue up. Interesting for the grade.
Pow Pow Area
• Ow Ow V8 – Yes, it lives up to its reputation. Short, but it pours it on. Interesting moves with crap feet. Oh, the hands are crappy too. Save it for a thick skin day!
• Still Life V2 – Sharp and funky. Not as ‘stylish’ as the book claims. Watch out for the boulder below you.
The Sun Spot Boulder
• Sun Spot Right – Sharp, but the movement makes it worth it. Funky and powerful! Worth a try if you have skin to spare. Pad the protruding boulder below the top-out.