Laundry room

When we moved in, the renter’s washer and dryer were in the basement. I think I’ve shown a picture of the basement, but it’s not a pleasant place. In our last house, the drain for the washer went no where. It was too expensive to fix, so we just went to the laundromat every weekend. I knew we were going to be in this house longer and I really didn’t want to spend the time driving to the laundromat every weekend, especially knowing how busy we would soon be with the gym.

I decided to convert the pantry into a laundry room. We are moving the kitchen anyway, so I thought it was a good use of space. Chris ripped everything out of the old pantry, drilled holes through the floor for the supply lines, and cut out a hole in the cement siding for the dryer vent. It was a pretty nasty job, but well worth it. We figured out that there has been a prolonged leak into the old pantry for a while due to the way they tied the old and new roofs together. The gutters also weren’t draining properly which exacerbated the issue.


Demolished laundry room. You can spot the leak in the upper right corner.


Running the supply lines.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the hole Chris had to crawl in and out of for the supply lines. He said he thought it used to be a chimney since there were a bunch of ashes.


Putting up green board.


Removing trim and beadboard at the last minute. It worked!



When the washer and dryer arrived, we found out that Chris had cut things a bit close. We ended up having to remove the trim and beadboard to get the washer and dryer into the space. It was a sight. One of the delivery guys deemed it impossible, but thankfully the other guy was patient enough to move the things inch by inch to slide them in there. I was very thankful!


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