I hate painting. I really do. I painted our entire house in Riverside by hand, and thereby developed a passionate dislike of painting. Of course, these older homes have been poorly painted over so many times that it makes my life much more difficult. So far, in both the Riverside house and the Lexington house, peeling paint has been a real issue. Dirt and grime isn’t cleaned off, someone applies a cheap paint, and you wind up with a world of headaches. So it goes.

In Riverside, we painted everything white because we were going for a more modern look. This time around, I wanted a warmer, aged feel.The house was built in the 20s and added on to two or three times. It has a rear addition, a front addition (not really an ‘addition’, they just enclosed the front porch), and a 2nd level addition. I want to restore as much character as possible. Some of the 5″ trim remains, but that’s about it.

I thought gray would be a nice tone on the main level. The house is quite bright, with lots of large windows. I figured I could go with a somewhat dark color without it feeling dreary. I was vacillating between two tones when Chris shouted, “That one!” We are those impatient people who go to the store, buy what we want, and leave. Which can lead to a series of mistakes.

We went with Benjamin Moore Natura (a zero VOC paint) in San Antonio Gray. Thankfully, we were able to snatch a paint sprayer belonging to Chris’ dad which made things go a lot faster. We weren’t interested in salvaging the floors, and we purposely waited to ‘move in’ until the house was painted so we wouldn’t have to worry about damaging anything. We just hit everything with gray paint. I was pretty nervous when it started to go up, and I hated it after it dried. I was nearly in tears thinking we spent all this money on fancy paint and we were just going to have to start all over. I started to calm down once the trim was painted and subsequently lost it again when we removed the painter’s tape and the paint came with it. Grrr, you old houses!

A week later, I repainted the trim and surrounding wall. And the paint dried a different color. I have no idea why, but it doesn’t match, even when I try to feather it in. So, yet another thing to add to the list will be repainting at some distant point in the future when I can stomach it. Don’t use painter’s tape on old walls. It just isn’t worth it.




Removing trim in the back addition while the first coat of paint dried.


Anyway, I do think the gray will work once I finish the decor and furnish the room. Also, removing the enclosure on the porch will help to brighten things up.


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